Watch: Enzo Amore Kicked Out of WWE Survivor Series

Yes, Enzo Amore snuck into Survivor Series wearing a cheap disguise. And yes, he was kicked out by WWE security.

Not long after fans watching at home picked out Amore sitting in the second row, the former Cruiserweight Champion stood up to reveal himself and looked to be screaming at the top of his lungs. Now that we have a few first-hands looks thanks to Twitter, Amore actually stood on his chair and cut his traditional "How You Doin?" promo. Within seconds he was ushered out by security.

Amore's exit was met with boos, but it's uncertain if fans were unhappy to see him go or were offended by his presence. Before being fired from WWE in January, Amore had a polarizing reputation with fans and WWE's locker room alike. However, after being accused of sexual assault, WWE fired Amore. Authorities threw out the assault charges after no substantial evidence could be found of an incident.

Since leaving WWE, Amore has been at work in the music insider and his debut album came out, yep, today.


For better or worse, Amore knows how to get attention, so we'll be waiting to see if he addresses his Survivor Series cameo later this evening.

Amore's appearance is odd, but hardly random. The 31-year-old lives in Los Angeles (Survivor Series' hosting city)