WWE Potentially Planning a Double Turn for Hell in a Cell

Since SummerSlam, fans have been echoing that Becky Lynch is doing her version of Stone Cold Steve Austin. And at Hell in a Cell, Lynch and Charlotte Flair may be booked to recreate the magic that gave us the Texas Rattlesnake.

According to the Wrestling Observer Live and Cagesidesets, WWE may be planning to pull off the mythical double turn on Sunday. This would mean Lynch, who enters the match as a villain or anti-hero leaves as a newly formed babyface. Flair who has been booked as a "good guy" in their story would turn heel in the middle of the match.

The best example of how this works would be the iconic WrestleMania 13 "I Quit" match between Austin and Bret Hart. In the same way, Lynch is teetering between good and bad, Austin had garnered steam as a top star. Hart, on the other hand, had shown a few indications that he wasn't the fan favorite he was years prior. So with both characters already heading towards new moral assignment, WWE had them flip mid-match. This was done with brilliant in-ring storytelling leading to the defining moment of a bloody Austin passing out in Hart's Sharpshooter. To make sure the turn was fully executed, Hart went on to add a gratuitous beatdown to the broken Austin. Hart left to a chorus of boos while Austin was embraced by the entire arena.

If this rumor does indeed hold merit, WWE will use a similar psychological approach this Sunday.


The pieces are certainly there as the WWE Universe is dying to cheer for Lynch. Having been neglected for two years on SmackDown it seemed like her ascent back into the limelight would be christened at SummerSlam. But then Charlotte Flair not only barged into the SmackDown Women's Championship match but won. this lead to Lynch putting boots to Flair after the match as all of the Barclay's Center cheered. In the weeks since WWE has veered away from Lynch being an all-out heel, but she still carries a few villainous themes.

As great as Charlotte Flair is, conventional wisdom says she's even better as a heel. Since joining the SmackDown brand, Flair has proven she has the ability to be a continuing babyface, but it now may be time to switch her back to her natural setting. While Flair playing villain against Lynch will be very important moving forward, her assuming the role of the top villain will pay dividends for the entire Women's Division. with Ronda Rousey seemingly waiting at WrestleMania 35, she'll need a dragon to slay. And a Charlotte Flair who's rediscovered her evil ways is the perfect fit.