Impact's Eddie Edwards Wins a Brutal and Bloody Match at Hard to Kill

Impact's Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards seem to be fated to forever fight in the ring, but things got even more personal between the two on over the past few weeks, and now Edwards and Callihan are facing each other in a barbed wire match that will assuredly be insanely bloody by match's end. Things start off kind of calm, but Callihan quickly starts working with some of the barbed wire surrounding the wooden board in the corner, and it was Edwards who got the first blow, kicking Callihan into the ropes that were wrapped in barbed wire.

It looked painful, and Edwards wanted to capitalize by grabbing a ring of barbed wire and climbing up and trying to put a ring of barbed wire around Callihan's head, He got it and pulled it against Callihan's forehead, and Edwards got first blood.

Edwards then laid down the barbed wire board and went to drive Callihan's face into it, but Callihan got free and shoved the board out of the ring. Edwards went right after that exposed forehead,. Edwards stayed in control until he missed a kick, and Callihan shoved him to the ground.

Callihan threw an N64 controller wrapped in barbed wire into the ring, but Edwards didn't have to worry about that, as when Edwards came soaring across the ring he soared out. of the ropes and ran right into a barbed wire board that Callihan stuck up. Edwards smashed it in half, and then Callihan shoved the barbed wire board into Edwards' back.

Callihan then dove and slammed atop the board, driving it into Edwards' back.

Callihan threw Edwards into the ring and now both were bleeding. Callihan kept up the attack, but Edwards halted it with a kick, and then went to pick up Callihan, but Callihan reversed it and slammed Edwards over the barbed wire ropes.

Callihan then started hitting Edwards with the N64 controller and then tried to put barbed wire in Edwards' mouth but Edwards got it out. Then Callihan went to work on Edwards' forehead, driving a roll of barbed wire into it. He dragged him. to the corner but Edwards kicked him in the face and then lifted him across the ring for a slam.

Edwards then grabbed a barbed wire chair and slammed it over Callihan's back, and then thunderbombed Callihan onto the chair. Edwards then charged at Callihan but he evaded Edwards and sent him running shoulder first into the fence.

Both of them grabbed each other and drove their bodies into the barbed wire fence, and then Callihan went to grab some barbed wire off the fence. He wrapped it around his fist and then Edwards did the same. They charged and stopped each other and then both dug their wire in.

Then they both picked up weapons and Edwards got the best of it, breaking a bat over Callihan's body and then pulling it out to do even more damage. Callihan then sent Edwards flying in a brutal move that had Edwards landing his arm over a strung up barbed wire chain.

Callihan went to work setting up the table, and then he put a chair underneath each side and put the other sides atop the ropes. He went to grab Edwards and lifted him up to the top turnbuckle, went for the eye, and then piledrived him into the table, splitting it in half.

Callihan went for the pin but Edwards kicked out. Callihan hit Edwards with a chair and then picked up a bat but Edwards hit him with. alow blow. Edwards then kicked the chair wrapped in barbed wire into Callihan's face. Callihan kicked out quickly but Edwards picked up Callihan and sent him back first into the table with the same move he used in Japan (the Emerald Flowsion), and that was the final blow needed for the win.

You can find the full card for Impact's Hard to Kill below.

Impact World Champion Rich Swann, Moose, and Chris Sabin vs AEW World Champion Kenny Omega with Don Callis and Impact World Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers

Eddie Edwards vs Sami Callihan (Barbed Wire Massacre)

X Division Champion Manik vs Rohit Raju vs Chris Bey (X Division Championship Match)

Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo vs Taya Valkyrie (Knockouts Championship Match)

Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz vs Havok and Nevaeh (Knockouts Tag Team Championship)

Eric Young, Deaner, and Joe Doering vs Rhino, Tommy Dreamer, and Cousin Jake (Old School Rules Match)

The Karate Man vs Ethan Page

Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb vs Rosemary and Crazy Steve


Josh Alexander vs Brian Myers

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