Impact Wrestling Champions Reportedly Free Agents Tomorrow

It appears that two of Impact Wrestling's biggest names will be free agents as of tomorrow, as a new report by PWInsider states that The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows) will no longer be under contract with Impact after tonight's taping in Louisville Kentucky. According to multiple sources, the current Impact Tag Team Champions will be contractually free to sign a new deal if they so choose as of tomorrow, though it is also said that they will still be working with Impact for additional dates, including upcoming Impact events in August.

The Good Brothers are expected to start appearing in New Japan Pro Wrestling, and those additional Impact dates would fit around the team's New Japan commitments. This is in line with an earlier report in the year that said the team's Impact contracts were up in July.

The Good Brothers recently won the Impact Tag Team Championships for the third time since signing with Impact Wrestling, defeating The Briscoe's at Slammiversary. This latest run as Champs is quite early, but their last Title reign came in at an impressive 231 days, and that would also kick off at Slammiversary, defeating three other teams in a Four-way Tag Team match.

Their first run as Champions started at Turning Point in 2020, and that run concluded with an impressive 119 days after FinJuice defeated them at Sacrifice. It remains to be seen if their third Title reign can surpass the previous two, and thankfully they are still hanging around Impact for a while longer, just not exclusively.

The Good Brothers have appeared in NJPW before since they started in Impact, but this seems like they are going to have a much bigger presence there if they are working Impact dates around NJPW dates. With the way NJPW and Impact work together with AEW these days, The Good Brothers could also pop up in AEW from time to time, but we'll have to wait and see.