Logan Paul Throws Cake, Tommy Fury's Dad Flips Tables, Chaos Erupts at Boxing Press Conference

Chaos erupts at the KSI vs. Tommy Fury boxing press conference as Logan Paul throws cake and John Fury flips tables.

Chaos erupted at the press conference for the upcoming KSI vs. Tommy Fury card later this Fall as Logan Paul threw a birthday cake, and Tommy Fury's dad John Fury started flipped tables and yelling expletives before it all broke down from there. Logan Paul announced earlier this month that he would officially be returning to the world of boxing later this Fall following his stint in the WWE that for now has wrapped following his match against Ricochet at WWE SummerSlam earlier this Summer. Joining the MF & DAZN: X Series – The Prime Card this October, Paul will be taking on Dillion Danis. 

MF & DAZN: X Series – The Prime Card is headlined by a match between KSI (Paul's long time influencer partner and often recognized rival, who even helped out Logan Paul during WrestleMania 39) and Tommy Fury (who had defeated Logan Paul's brother Jake Paul earlier this year), and held a press conference at Wembley Arena in London and soon erupted in chaos involving a cake (which took the shape of a "knocked out" Danis), John Fury flipping tables, and more.

Chaos Erupts at The Prime Card Press Conference

As shared in a series of videos from DAXN Boxing's official Twitter account, Logan Paul kicked off the press conference by bringing a "birthday cake" for his opponent that was in the shape of a knocked out Dillion Danis. Things have been brewing between the two online as Danis has been bringing Paul's fiancee, Nina Agdal (who he got engaged to shortly after taking part in the WWE Money in the Bank 2023 premium live event), and it wasn't long before Paul ripped the head off the cake and tried to throw it at Danis. 

But things got even more heated between KSI and Tommy Fury's father, John. Fury was so upset at all of the jabs being thrown around that he eventually started spouting even more expletives and flipped a table. This brought the entire conference to their feet as it started a huge new confrontation, in which KSI and Tommy Fury had to be held back from one another. It's the kind of wild energy that fans looking forward to this card had been hoping to see and definitely delivered. 

As for the card itself, MF & DAZN: X Series – The Prime Card will be taking place on October 14th as fans continue to wonder what Paul's potential future in the WWE.