Rey Mysterio Reportedly Working Without a WWE Contract

Rey Mysterio might currently be involved in a storyline wrapping his son and Seth Rollins into the mix, but the WWE Superstar is reportedly working without an official WWE contract. Dave Meltzer reported in the latest edition of Wrestling Observe Newsletter that Rey Mysterio's latest signing with WWE back in September 2018 has since expired. He continues to work with WWE with the expired contract as he continues his current WWE Monday Night Raw storyline involving both his son, Dominik, Seth Rollins, Murphy and more. It's dominated much of Raw for the last few months.

Meltzer has also reported that Mysterio and Dominik were scheduled for an in-person appearance on the June 29th edition of Monday Night Raw, but was changed to their in-home segment as seen in the actual episode. What's more interesting is that there might currently be plans in place for the Extreme Rules pay-per-view.

According to Meltzer, WWE had a plan to have Mysterio vs. Rollins match where it would be "eye for an eye." The stipulation being that the only way to win was to take out the opponent's eye, in order to capitalize on all of the build up that began when Rollins injured Mysterio's eye (and this was the night right after he was tossed off a building and died during Money in the Bank pay-per-view). But that match has yet to be officially announced as of this writing.

(Photo: WWE)

Mysterio's signing back in September 2018 notably came after the WWE Superstar performed in the very first All-In pay-per-view event for All Elite Wrestling. Ever since he made his official return to the WWE, he's been near the top of the card and involved in plenty of championship runs. He even had a back and forth with Brock Lesnar that involved his son in the matter.

Unfortunately, the report does not detail why Mysterio is continuing to work with an expired WWE contract but perhaps it's due to the fact that his son is so closely involved with his on-screen work currently. This is purely speculation, but that would be as good of a reason as any to continue working with WWE if it meant his son could get in on the action as well.


This situation is bound to change, so will be here to offer any updates as they arrive. How do you feel about Rey Mysterio contuining to work for WWE without a contract? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!