Ric Flair Reportedly Planning Return to Wrestling

Ric Flair has been busy in the gym recently, as the WWE Icon has released videos of himself training with AEW's Jay Lethal, and now it appears that he could be returning to the ring in some form. With the recent training videos popping up on social media, quite a few fans thought this could be a sign that Flair was returning to wrestling, and a new report from Dave Meltzer confirms that theory, with Meltzer saying "Ric Flair is training to wrestle again. The stories about his return are accurate." There's no mention of where he would wrestle or when he would jump back into the ring, but we'll keep you posted if more details are revealed.

His training sessions with Jay Lethal will lead some to assume a match might happen in All Elite Wrestling or the new Ring of Honor, both of which are run by AEW President Tony Khan. Time will tell if that ends up being accurate, but Flair wrestling again, even if just for one more match, will definitely have people talking and will bring some attention. There are also people who would love to get in the ring with the Wrestling icon before he truly ends his in-ring career, and it will be interesting to see who ends up being his opponent.

Flair retired from wrestling after WrestleMania 24, where he faced Shawn Michaels in what would turn out to be one of the truly unforgettable moments in wrestling. In a previous interview with Inside The Ropes, Flair revealed that he didn't know the match would end up being one of the greats and credits Michaels with carrying him in the match and making it shine.

"Well, I had no idea it would be that good, number 1. Number 2- Shawn carrying me. I mean it was like, I was in the ring but Shawn was doing it all," admits Flair. "And for the first time in my entire life he actually looked at me in a move we call 'gorilla' which is where we all stand before we go out, he said 'Just shut up and listen to me. Don't say a word'.And no one would ever tell me that in my life except maybe Harley Race you know, but he did all the work and I just, I was there and I'm not ashamed to admit that for a second," Flair said.

"He worked for both of us, but the people bought it and you had no idea that the reaction would be that big. And after the night before with the Hall Of Fame and then the next night with RAW and I think it's the most special retirement that I've ever seen in sports and whether you're in Canton, Ohio or Cooperstown for Baseball or you know, it was amazing," Flair said.

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