Rikishi Addresses Potential Bloodline Spoiler for WWE Payback

Rikishi just addressed a potential Bloodline-specific spoiler for WWE Payback

With SummerSlam in the books, WWE's attention shifts towards Payback, and a social media post might have provided a spoiler regarding The Bloodline. A social media post from Rikishi announced that he would be appearing at the Ninja Xchange for a signing, which was pretty normal. What caught people's eye though was a line of text that read "Come meet Rikishi before he referees at WWE Payback." Since that hasn't been announced and we don't even know what Bloodline match will happen at Payback, you can understand why that got people's attention, but Rikishi has an explanation for it (via TJR Wrestling).

Rikishi pulled down the graphic within an hour of the post and replaced it with a graphic that had the text removed. It wasn't known whether it was pulled because of the spoiler nature of that text or if it was just a mistake, but Rikishi addressed the post.

Someone on Twitter posted the original graphic and tagged Rikishi, and Rikishi quoted it and said "Wrong promoter mistake 🤣⬇️" It remains to be seen if Rikishi will show up in some fashion at Payback or if it was just a promoter mistake, but it's easy to understand why fans would think it was the former.

Jimmy Uso turned on Jey at SummerSlam, costing him the match against Roman Reigns. Jimmy is set to address his actions on SmackDown, and it remains to be seen if Jimmy will return to the Bloodline fold or strike out on his own. If Jimmy and Jey end up facing each other one on one, which does seem likely, it could very well take place at Payback. If it does, having Rikishi be the special referee would certainly add some intrigue to the match.

The card for Payback is still coming into focus, but The Bloodline is sure to have some kind of presence there, and whatever presence that is, Jey and Jimmy being in the mix there seems like an easy lock after what happened at SummerSlam. For now though, we'll just have to wait and see.

As for Roman Reigns, he will also address the crowd on SmackDown, and perhaps we will learn what the elders thought of the Tribal Combat match that wasn't really Tribal Combat. The match really didn't play that stipulation up aside from being for the Title of Tribal Chief, as no one adhered to any special rules outside of your ordinary no disqualification format. If Jey and Jimmy go one one-on-one, maybe we'll get a more meaningful stipulation that will present itself throughout the match.

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