Ryback Shoots On WWE In New Podcast

Ryan Reeves, formerly known as Ryback in the WWE, announced a podcast Monday afternoon and [...]

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Ryan Reeves, formerly known as Ryback in the WWE, announced a podcast Monday afternoon and released the first episode.

In the debut episode, Reeves discusses several things that he felt were wrong internally with the WWE from not strengthening every wrestler's brand, to broken promises on becoming a bigger star. He of course thanks the company for his career and how it shaped him into the star he is today, but still feels that there's a lot wrong with how things are managed.

After officially parting ways with the company in early August, Reeves hasn't exactly been quiet on how he feel feels. On his podcast, Reeves dives into what made his last few months so miserable, and stated it wasn't about the money, but about how he was treated.

"Not about a money issue, just so everybody knows, I walked away from the WWE, the contract offer that I walked away from was a three-year $1.5 million contract," Ryback said. He also mentioned that he wasn't offered the same deals as say, guys like Roman Reigns, and he felt cheated out of that. He says he was told that he would be in a squash match with AJ Styles at WrestleMania, but eventually was bumped to the pre-show, losing to Kalisto for the United States Championship. You can listen to the first ep below.

Now, of course this is one side to the story so it's difficult to determine if this is all factual or not. Ryback was once billed right up there with the likes of CM Punk for the WWE Championship and was seen as a monster face. Reeves, however, didn't improve much in the ring while he was pushed to the top of the card.

Reeves has made some independent bookings since his departure from the company and it's a matter of time before he dives into more of that, as well as any other negative things with WWE that he might unearth.

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