Sami Zayn Spears Roman Reigns on WWE SmackDown, Challenges for Title at Elimination Chamber

Tonight's WWE SmackDown was an odd one for The Bloodline, as despite winning at the Royal Rumble, The Bloodline was pretty somber at the start of the show. At the Rumble, Sami Zayn turned on Reigns after he told Zayn to attack a defeated Kevin Owens with a chair, and then Jey Uso walked out of the arena after the match as well. Tonight Reigns came out to address the crowd, but before the end of it all Zayn came out and attacked him, and then challenged him to a match for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. That would soon be made into a reality, and it appears we will get a Title match at Elimination Chamber. Here's how it all went down.

After having the crowd acknowledge him, the chants of Sami started filling the arena, and Reigns smiled. "Well I was gonna ask ya'll who ya'll want me to talk about, but I guess it's obvious," Reigns said. "You see, I'd rather sit here and talk about Cody Rhodes. You know, the guy who won the Royal Rumble. The number one contender. Someone who actually deserves my attention. But you simple folks have reduced me to talking about the past."

"All right. You want me to talk about Sami? Remember, there are two sides to every story, so you're going to hear mine," Reigns said. "In order to hear my side of the story we have to go all the way back to WarGames. You remember wiseman when I looked Sami dead in his eyes and I told the world I saw everything I needed to see? Would you like to know what I saw that night?"

"I saw greed. I saw the same thing I see every day I interact with people in my life nowadays. If a restaurant was lucky enough to have me, the hostess, the kitchen, the waiters all say the same thing. I want this. It's not hey nice to see you. It's hey can you do this? I did the same thing for Sami Zayn and gave him the opportunity of a lifetime, and all he does is use me, the bloodline, and the island or relevancy," Reigns said. "No different than all of you. All you do is want, want, want."

Then Zayn came in and attacked Reigns, knocking him down to the ground. He kept Reigns down but the Champion got back to his feet and came back with punches. He then asked Heyman for a chair but when he went back to the middle of the ring Zayn hit Reigns with a spear. Reigns got out of the ring and Zayn yelled after him.

"Roman! You're wrong about me. I never wanted anything from you", Zayn said. "I never wanted anything from you...until now. I want something from you now, and I'm going to take it. Because I'm coming after you and the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship!"

Then Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa came in and attacked Zayn. Sikoa hit the Samoan Spike on Zayn and then Jimmy grabbed the chair and placed it over Zayn's face in the corner. Sikoa lined up for a charge but Reigns stopped him. Reigns then said "you want something huh? You want something from me?"

He picked up the chair and the crowd started yelling we want Jey. Reigns then said, "I don't have Jey, because part of my Bloodline isn't here." Then he told Zayn he broke up his family and that he would give him want he wants. He then said he wanted Zayn at the Elimination Chamber and said he would break him down in front of his entire family like Zayn broke up his.

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