Sinister Name For Bray Wyatt's Legacy Stable Revealed During Uncle Howdy's WWE Return

Uncle Howdy's group is called WYATT SICKS.

The legacy of Bray Wyatt lives on. This past Monday's edition of WWE Monday Night Raw concluded with the culmination of the last two months' QR code teases, bringing Uncle Howdy and an assortment of four other friends to WWE television. The segment began after Jey Uso defeated Finn Balor and Rey Mysterio to qualify for the Men's Money in the Bank Ladder Match, as the familiar depowering sound effects echoed throughout the American Bank Center Arena. Once all the lights were out, the static piano key of Bray Wyatt's WWE theme "Shatter" began to play as a mysterious woman emerged from a door placed on the stage. This woman, speculated to be former WWE Women's Champion Nikki Cross, directed the camera to journey through the backstage area.

Upon walking through the curtain, the camera passed by a man with a mallet (Erick Rowan), a man with beige dreadlocks and a beaked mask (Dexter Lumis), a man in a pig mask (Joe Gacy), and eventually came across Uncle Howdy himself. Throughout this tracking shot, bodies of WWE producers and WWE superstars were left scattered, many of them bleeding from the head.

Bray Wyatt's Legacy Faction's Name Revealed

(Photo: WWE)

The long-speculated WYATT 6 is actually a much more sinister name than originally thought.

During Uncle Howdy's return segment, WWE cameras took a tracking shot throughout the backstage area. The wreckage backstage extended beyond WWE talent, as televisions and lights were also destroyed. 

One television was hacked to showcase the emblem of Uncle Howdy and his friends' group, labeling the quintet as the WYATT SICK6. The "6" serves as both as the number six to represent the total number of people in the group as well as an "S" to pluralize "SICK." This gives SICKS a double meaning, as it can be interpreted as a way to spell the number six or a label of the group all being "sick" themselves.

With only five members shown on camera on Monday, it remains to be seen as to if there will be a sixth member of the WYATT SICKS or if that final spot is spiritually reserved for the late Bray Wyatt. It was speculated that former WWE Women's Champion Alexa Bliss would also be among the ensemble due to her previous ties to Bray Wyatt and his The Fiend persona, but she was nowhere to be seen during the segment. Bliss has been off of WWE television for over one year on maternity leave.