*SPOILER* Former WWE Star To Join The Bullet Club

Cody Rhodes is set to be revealed as the new member of the Bullet Club, according to [...]

Cody Rhodes is set to be revealed as the new member of the Bullet Club, according to PWInsider.

Club head Kenny Omega has been teasing a new member on social media, saying it will be a "monster" that devours all of his competition.

New Japan Pro Wrestling has confirmed that the new Bullet Club member will be revealed at Friday's World Tag League finals.

Bullet Club was conceived by New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) in early 2013, following a positive fan response to a storyline, where Prince Devitt (now known as Finn Balor) turned on his longtime tag team partner Ryusuke Taguchi to form a villainous partnership with Bad Luck Fale. Originally, Devitt and Fale were scheduled to go on as a duo, but the storyline was altered with them instead coming together with Karl Anderson and Tama Tonga to form an all-foreigner stable. Devitt came up with the name Bullet Club, which was in reference to his finger gun hand gesture and "Real Shooter" nickname and Anderson's nickname, "The Machine Gun".

The group has been compared to the World Championship Wrestling stable New World Order (nWo). As a way of paying homage to the nWo, members of Bullet Club began using the stable's signature "Too Sweet" hand gesture. In August 2015, after Devitt had joined WWE as "Finn Bálor", WWE released "Bálor Club" merchandise playing off Bullet Club. WWE recognized Bullet Club in the first week of January 2016, when discussing rumors about members of the stable joining the promotion, preceding A.J. Styles' debut in the WWE as a 2016 Royal Rumble contestant. In April 2016, the former Bullet Club tag team of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows debuted for WWE, with their NJPW background again being acknowledged by the company, eventually forming "The Club" with Styles.

As of May 2016, the Bullet Club trademark is owned by NJPW, which explains why the abbreviated "club" has only been used in the WWE. It does not explain, however, just how poorly Anderson and Gallows have been booked, but that's another story entirely.

Cody's inclusion will mark the first time a former WWE champion has been a part of the Bullet Club. Rhodes is a two-time Intercontinental Champion and six tag team championships (three World Tag Team Championships and three WWE Tag Team Championships) with four separate tag team partners.

Cody left the WWE in May of 2016 and made his ROH debut this past weekend, turning heel on Jay Lethal. There's no better association a wrestler can have on the independant circuits than the Bullet Club. It remains to be see if Cody would ever be willing to return to the WWE, but if AJ Styles is any proof, Rhodes will have a great opportunity to rebuild a new image as a part of the most notorious stable in modern wrestling.

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