Watch WWE's Liv Morgan's Dream Come True Chucky Death

WWE superstar Liv Morgan has been a fan of Chucky for a long time, and in the past, she's expressed hopes that she could be involved in Chucky season 2. That time is finally here, as Morgan recently revealed a dream come-true role on the series, and she made her Chucky debut on tonight's episode. Spoilers from here on out for tonight's Chucky episode, so if you haven't watched yet you've been warned. If you have watched or are just curious about what happens, Morgan tragically dies at the hands of the horror icon, and you can watch how things played out in the video below (via Erick Guerra).

Later in the episode, Chucky introduces Morgan, referring to her as a WWE Champion and one of his biggest fans, and she soon joins him on the couch of his in-show sitcom. Morgan is nothing but kind and even gives him a kiss on the cheek, and they go over the mysteries that still need answers.

That's when Chucky plays a clip of Morgan in an interview talking about the dream role she wanted in Chucky. Morgan says "I want Chucky to kill me. It's a dream. I don't want a starring role, I don't want a lead, I just want to be brutally murdered by Chucky."

Chucky then pulls out a knife and while Morgan tells him she was just kidding, you can see in the clip he isn't swayed, and he proceeds to stab her multiple times in the stomach. She falls off the couch and blood ends up splattering on Tiffany, and you can watch the whole sequence in the video above.

Morgan recently talked about the experience of being a part of the show, and she couldn't have been more thrilled, rating it far above a 10-point scale. "It was like, 100. I'm not just saying that, it genuinely was. They treated me like family, you know? They made me so comfortable," Morgan told USA Insider. "It felt very familiar, being in that setting; it's like I was at work in WWE. I didn't realize how much WWE prepares you for something like this – the cameras, the backstages – when I was filming 'Chucky' it felt like I was filming backstage for WWE, it felt so similar, which was very comforting."

New episodes of Chucky air Wednesdays at 9 PM ET on SYFY and USA Network, while WWE SmackDown airs on FOX every Friday at 8 PM EST.

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