WWE Releases 8 Superstars

Following the biggest event of the professional wrestling world in WrestleMania, it seems as if the WWE has some bad news for fans as they made the announcement today that they were releasing six superstars from its roster, some of which will definitely shock fans. A reason for these releases has yet to be revealed, but World Wrestling Entertainment is definitely losing some big names with this latest revelation which is just beginning to make ripples within the professional wrestling world.

The superstars in question include Billie Kay, Mickie James, Chelsea Green, Tucker, Kalisto, and Wesley Blake, with the former definitely being one of the most surprising of the bunch. Kay has been a fan favorite among many World Wrestling Entertainment fans, with a recent appearance at Royal Rumble seeing her attempting to find a new tag team partner to help her win the thirty wrestler battle royale. Unfortunately, rumors have begun swirling that there are more cuts on the way as wrestling fans prep themselves for more disappointment. Following WrestleMania 37 and the success of the two-night event, this is definitely a rude awakening for many fans, as these cuts will definitely change the landscape of the wrestling world.

WWE released the statement via its Official Twitter Account, stating that Billie Kay and several other superstars had been released from World Wrestling Entertainment's roster, shocking the world of wrestling in the process as fans begin to think about what this could mean for the future:

On top of these releases, World Wrestling Entertainment continued to shock fans by stating that both Bo Dallas and Samao Joe had been released by the company, which is definitely turning more than a few heads. While All Elite wrestling hasn't been shy about picking up wrestlers that have been released by the WWE in the past, it will be interesting to see what future lies ahead for many of these superstars.

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