WWE's Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn Reveal NXT Superstars They Want as Challengers

Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn won the Women's Tag Team Championships at Clash at the Castle.

WWE crowned a new set of tag team champions this weekend at Clash at the Castle. Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn celebrated their homecoming by beating Jade Cargill and Bianca Belair in a triple threat. The two have been on the main roster for a little over a year but have only just recently been picking up steam once again. Before their call-up, they had a largely successful run in NXT as the NXT Women's Tag Team Champions, but they ended up unifying those titles with Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler to create one set of belts that can be defended across all brands.

At the WWE Clash at the Castle press conference, Fyre and Dawn addressed their win and what they want their new title reign to entail. If given the chance to use them to their full potential, they'd like to go back down to NXT and work with some of the new tag teams.

"When we had the NXT Tag Titles, we just wanted to make the tag division special. We wanted to make sure it was on PLEs," Dawn said. "Jade and Bianca have been such a big part. We want to follow their lead and have big matches, get on PLEs, be wrestling all of the women. 

Dawn continued, explaining that The Unholy Union wants to face "everyone. " "If we can go to NXT, Jacy Jayne and Jazmyn Nix, people like that down there. If we can go to NXT and be on Raw, be on SmackDown, we want to represent these (titles) as best as possible and carrying on that lineage from Jade and Bianca and all the way back, everyone that has held these. We should have held them a year ago anyway [laughs]. Bloody Shayna."

Belair and Cargill held the titles for just a month and a half before dropping it to Fyre and Dawn, but the women's tag titles desperately needed something captivating. Prior to their reign, there was a lot of hot potato'ing and it was hard to get behind a team, let alone ones made up out of thin air. The loss also adds stakes to Cargill and Belair who didn't need the belts in the first place to have an interesting story to tell, but it adds more dimension seeing how close they've gotten.

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