WWE's Becky Lynch Looks to Be in Incredible Shape in Latest Photo

Becky Lynch still hasn't appeared on WWE television since announcing she was pregnant with her first child in May 2020. But if Seth Rollins' latest photo is any indication, "The Man" definitely looks like she's physically ready to get back in the ring. Rollins posted a photo alongside Lynch with students from his Black and Brave Wrestling school on Monday following their Murph workout, a popular CrossFit workout routine that takes place on Memorial Day each year.

Lynch and Rollins welcomed their daughter, Roux, back in December. She has since teased fans with the possibility of a surprise comeback at both Royal Rumble and WrestleMania 37, but both times nothing came of it.

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That second tease wound up backfiring as fans openly turned on a segment involving Bayley when she teased a surprise appearance only for it to be The Bella Twins. "The Role Model" talked about that incident in a recent interview (while somewhat in-character) with Sportskeeda.

"I think it was wishful thinking and people ready to see Becky back and ready to see me get my butt-kicked, I guess. It's not gonna happen because she didn't come back, suckers," Bayley said. "She's too busy being a mom. I'm sure it'll happen at some time. We both have some time left and we both have a lot of things we want to do. I'm sure she has a list of things she wants to do. The last time I think we were in the ring together may have been when I beat her up with a chair. I'm sure she's ready to get her hands on me and I'll be ready because I've been doing a lot since she's been gone.

"This is consistent Bayley, no time off for me," she continued. "I've been making moves, Becky Lynch. She better start [at the bottom]. I know she 'gave up' her championship, but that doesn't mean she'll return and be right back in that picture. She better start at the very bottom."


What do you want Lynch to do once she's back on WWE TV? Should she return to Raw or move over to the SmackDown roster? Let us know in the comments below!