Bronson Rechsteiner, Son of WWE Legend Rick Steiner, Signs With Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens picked up Kennesaw State running back/fullback Bronson Rechsteiner as a free agent of the weekend. And while football fans might not recognize him unless they follow the FCS, wrestling fans will certainly recognize his last name. Rechsteiner is the son of WWF/WCW tag team wrestling legend Rick Steiner and the nephew of former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Scott Steiner.

Scott was one of the first to congratulate his nephew on going pro.

Making their debut as a tag team in 1989, the Steiner Brothers are regarded as one of the most decorated and talented tag teams of all time. The pair wrestled in WCW, WWF, ECW, New Japan and TNA over the years, and between their time in World Championship Wrestling and the World Wrestling Federation the pair won tag team championship gold 15 times.

Other wrestling personalities congratulated Bronson on social media.

The WWE and NFL found themselves in an unusual crossover last week when Rob Gronkowski announced he was returning to the NFL and was promptly traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The All-Pro tight end had just signed a contract with WWE a month earlier, and is still the WWE 24/7 Champion as of this writing.

Surprisingly, WWE opted to let Gronkowski remain as champion.

"Congratulations to Rob Gronkowski, the current WWE 24/7 Champion, on his return to football," the company wrote in a statement. "Per the rules of the 24/7 title, Gronk must defend his championship at all times in any location. He could be celebrating a touchdown pass from #TomBrady...anytime, anywhere."


Gronkowski addressed his title reign during a video conference call with the media last week.

"We need a lot of security," Gronkowski said. "We need security everywhere. Every tunnel, every entrance. Everywhere in the stadium because I'm the 24/7 WWE title belt champion right now, of the world. Everyone is coming for me. My friends are coming for me and it's special right now to have it during this quarantine time because no one can find me. No one gets me. So I'm the champ for a while."