Original Members of WWE's Damage CTRL Revealed

Since making their debut at WWE SummerSlam, Damage CTRL has been a staple of Monday Night Raw. The collection of Bayley, Dakota Kai, and IYO SKY have run roughshod on the women's division, claiming the WWE Women's Tag Titles on two occasions. This trio was the brainchild of Bayley herself, as she has said on past interviews that she has wanted a faction for a number of years now. That being said, Bayley's original idea for Damage CTRL had a very different roster.

Speaking on the Getting Over podcast, Dakota Kai revealed that Bayley originally envisioned the group comprising of Kai, Candice LeRae, and Tegan Nox.

"When (Bayley) first mentioned it to me a couple of years (ago), itwas myself, Candice LeRae and Tegan (Nox)," Kai said. "Those were the ones that were from the start. And obviously, things that happened from then until now, everything changes."

Based on when the faction was brought to television, Bayley's original roster could not have been a reality. At the time of WWE SummerSlam, neither LeRae nor Nox were under WWE contract. LeRae has since returned to WWE as a member of the Raw roster, but Nox remains on the independent scene. 

Kai herself breaks the idea that certain stars could not be brought into Damage CTRL due to their contract status, as the New Zealand native had been released from WWE in April but was brought back under a new deal that began at WWE SummerSlam.


LeRae's return as a singles babyface indicates that WWE had different plans for her, but Nox is a different story. While there has been some desire to bring the Welsh wrestler back into the fold, Nox cannot legally make that happen at this time.

"Basically, because I haven't gotten the visa or green card, I can't wrestle," Nox revealed this past August. "I keep getting messages, 'Have you retired?' No, I just can't. Legally, I can't. I've just been chilling, in the house, playing video games. I went to Sad Summer Fest a couple of weeks ago, which was phenomenal. Just chilling with my dogs and friends. Usual stuff that I can do without working."