John Cena Return Reportedly Being Discussed by WWE for July Tour

Word hit yesterday that WWE would be returning to live shows with crowds in a 25 city tour, [...]

Word hit yesterday that WWE would be returning to live shows with crowds in a 25 city tour, kicking off with three dates in Texas. That includes a SmackDown, followed by Money In The Bank, and then bookended with a Monday Night Raw, and having fans back in the building is going to be a welcome sight. What would also be a welcome sight is the return of a WWE megastar, and according to a report from F4Wonline, WWE is in discussions to make that happen. The report says that WWE is discussing having john Cena return for the first show back with fans, which would be the SmackDown in Houston Texas at the Toyota Center. That would certainly be a way to kick things off with a splash, and since it's SmackDown it would likey include a ratings boost.

Cena hasn't been on WWE television since the epic Firefly Funhouse Match against Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 36. Cena recently revealed what he wants in his WWE return, and more than anything he wants to keep moving his overall narrative forward.

"I always found a real sense of satisfaction contributing where I could, because I know that the idea of the sense of complacency with performers is high. And they always want to be at the top spot and there is only one top spot. But I believe a spot is a chance to contribute," Cena said. "So it won't be about that. It will simply be if there is an enthralling and correct continuation to the narrative. I really, really want to get back to WWE... I do look forward to returning. It won't be about topping a Firefly Funhouse match. The first question I'll ask is 'Why?' And the next question I'll ask is 'Where do we go after that?' And if I get, 'I don't know' to both of them, that's cool because that means I can come up with my own thing."

Having Cena come back would be a big splash regardless of where you did it, but making it the first show back with live fans would definitely be something worthy of the special occasion, so fingers crossed it actually happens.

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