Liv Morgan Reveals She Suffered a Wardrobe Malfunction During Lana's Wedding on WWE Raw

Remember back in late December when Monday Night Raw closed with a disastrous attempted wedding between Lana and Bobby Lashley? Remember how Liv Morgan inexplicably made her sudden return to television during that segment, claimed she had been in a relationship with Lana, only for the storyline (and Morgan's supposed LGBT revelation) to get dropped weeks later? Well it turns out that segment nearly caused an even bigger uproar, as Morgan revealed on Twitter this week that she suffered a wardrobe malfunction once the wedding turned into a brawl between herself, Lana, Lashley and Rusev.

"Thinking back to when I crashed lanas outfit did NOT call for a bra," Morgan wrote. "I taped down (ladies u know what I mean) and very last second I put on a bra. And thank GOODNESS cause my top BROKE."

Outside of a mixed tag match on an episode of Raw, the love triangle (love square?) storyline never got an actual ending. Rusev was taken off television shortly afterwards and was one of the 30+ wrestlers to get released on April 15. Lana and Lashley remained an on-screen couple until she accidentally cost him during a WWE Championship match at Backlash, prompting him to divorce her and take up MVP's managerial offer. "The Ravishing Russian" has since turned her attention to managing Natalya, though the pair haven't been on television for a few weeks.

As for Morgan, the young star has teased some sort of Riott Squad reunion with Ruby Riott recently, though she hasn't been seen on Raw for a few weeks. Riott finally picked up her first singles win since February 2019 earlier this week by beating Peyton Royce.


Morgan was unsure how to react to her victory.

Unfortunately, even if Riott and Morgan patch things up, a full Riott Squad seems highly unlikely. Sarah Logan was also one of the wrestlers to get released back in April, and she's since announced that she's stepping away from wrestling and is pregnant with her first child.

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