Alberto Del Rio Facing Life In Prison Following Kidnapping Charge

Following WWE and Lucha Underground star's arrest for sexual assault charges in May of this year, Alberto Del Rio found himself indicted by a grand jury in Texas and could be facing life imprisonment as a result of the aggravated kidnapping charges. Del Rio joined World Wrestling Entertainment in 2009 following working a number of independent organizations in both the United States and Mexico. Being released from Impact Wrestling in 2018, Del Rio was looking to make a return to Mixed Martial Arts.

This news comes as a blow to many wrestling fans as Del Rio's career has been a big one that has spanned World Wrestling Entertainment and multiple organizations such as Impact Wrestling, Lucha Libre, Lucha Underground, Big League Wrestling, and many others. Regardless of the outcome of the charges, we don't foresee Alberto returning to the squared circle any time soon, if ever again.

PW Insider broke down what Alberto Del Rio might face as a result of his aggravated kidnapping charges, facing the possibility of spening five to ninety nine years in prison:

Alberto Del Rio WWE Kidnapping
(Photo: WWE)

In Texas, a conviction for aggravated kidnapping, if punishable in the first degree could result in a a prison sentence ranging from 5 to 99 years or life imprisonment and/or a fine up to $10,000. However, if the accused can prove they released the alleged victim voluntarily, they could only be convicted of aggravated kidnapping in the second degree, which could result in a prison sentence ranging from two to 20 years and/or a fine up to $10,000."

New 4 San Antonio also broke down the terrible events that took place in the case as such:

“Police said Rodriguez Chucuan [Del Rio] then tied the woman’s hands with boxing straps, put a sock in her mouth and sexually assaulted her for several hours, using various objects. According to investigators, he also punched her in the back during the assault, causing visible injuries. The victim told detectives she does not remember much after he placed his hand around her throat.”


Del Rio was not affiliated with any professional wrestling organization during the time of the assault. WWE had released Del Rio from his contract in the fall of 2016, having been suspended prior following a violation of the WWE's "wellness policy". Following a stint on the independent circuit, Del Rio landed at Impact Wrestling and left, as mentioned earlier, from the organization in 2018.

Via Ringside News