WWE Hall of Famer Teases Coming Out of Retirement for Match With NXT's Walter

Walter's reign as NXT United Kingdom Champion officially surpassed two consecutive years this week, and his dominance is attracting the attention of at least one WWE Hall of Famer. Mark Henry was a guest on BT Sport's The Run In this week and spoke incredibly highly of Austrian wrestler, saying he'd happily come out of retirement for a match with "The Ring General."

"I feel like Walter is the cream of the crop," Henry said. "I think Walter should be a World Champion within the next two to three years. It's all up to him. If he stays healthy, and he wants to get better, you will see Walter as a World Champion."

"I want to have one more match before I completely say I'm never going to wrestle again and Walter is one of those guys that... he may need to be put in the Hall of Pain to be tempered by the fire that could make you a champion," he continued. "I'm saying that I think that would be a good fantasy warfare match. If it happens, it would be because Walter called me out because he's an active, current talent, it's not up to me.... I still have my wrestling boots."

Henry was last seen on WWE television on a mobility scooter back in January, but said on Busted Open Radio in February that he was training for one last match.

"I'd rather get punked out than get my ass whooped. Randy [Orton] is not someone to mess around with if you're not 100%,""I'm walking on two feet, I'm 325 pounds. I'm lighter and trimmer than I've ever been. I plan on having a match in the next six months. I just want to have one match. If Randy is the guy, then so be it. Believe me, I'll be ready and I won't be on one foot in a push scooter. I have to wrestle in this decade. I've got to. Big Show has wrestled in four (decades) and I've wrestled in three (decades). I can't let him have that over me."


Walter will defend his UK title twice this week, first at NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver Night One and then against Rampage Brown at the NXT UK Prelude event a day later.

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