WWE Money In The Bank: Drew McIntyre Defeats Seth Rollins, Retains World Championship Belt

Drew McIntyre becoming the world heavyweight champion of World Wrestling Entertainment has been a long time coming, and following his defeat of Brock Lesnar for the belt, he has had to defend it tonight against Seth Rollins. WWE: Money In The Bank has once again had to make some changes in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, with these two wrestlers combating in an empty auditorium strewn with ladders where audience members would once sit, though some fans around the globe are surely happy to see the World Championship Belt change remain with Drew McIntyre!

This was far from the first time that Rollins has wrestled in search of a new belt, as the long time professional wrestler within the ranks of the WWE has held the World Championship Belt twice before, to say nothing of holding other belts such as the Universal Championship, Tag Team Championship, Intercontinental Championship, and the NXT Championship. Rollins definitely has a storied history in the world of professional wrestling but with this being Drew McIntyre's first time holding onto the belt, he had far more to prove during tonight's Pay-Per-View event!

Throughout the match, Rollins taunted McIntyre in-between blows that winning the belt once again was his "destiny", with Seth's ego long being one of the biggest parts of his personality and why he's been a fan favorite within the ranks of the WWE for so long. Rollins even went so far as to say that he didn't even want to take it from McIntyre, but could not avoid his destiny. The match itself then got down and dirty as Drew and Seth found themselves outside of the ring, with McIntyre sending his opponent across the announcer's desk!

Rollins was almost disqualified as he debated whether or not to bring in a steel chair to inflict damage on McIntyre, and went so far as to perform two simultaneous suplexes from both the top rope and then with a deadlift into the "Falcon Arrow". Drew was able to kick out and pull off a "Future Shock" DDT, but that wasn't enough to put down Rollins.


McIntyre won the night and retained the World Championship Belt, though we'll have to see what other superstars are vying for their shot at the title following Money In The Bank!

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