Photo: Natalya Shows off Nasty Bruise From Match With Asuka, Swears Revenge

Natalya wound up with more than just a loss in her match with Asuka on this week's Raw. The veteran wrestler and former champ took to Twitter early Tuesday morning to show off a nasty bruise under her right eye, and made it abundantly clear that it came from her match with "The Empress." After the match Asuka once again called out Becky Lynch for another shot at the Raw Women's Champion. "The Man" sauntered down to the ring, agreed to the match and WWE later announced it would take place on the Feb. 10 episode of Raw.

"We're only getting started," Natalya wrote at Asuka before saying she was the "wrong person to *bleep* with."

She also didn't seem to care for Asuka's response.

The former SmackDown Women's Champion revealed in a new column for the Calgary Sun that Edge, who made his return two weeks back at the Royal Rumble, personally helped her with her title match with Becky Lynch at SummerSlam last August.

"Adam has always been someone I can turn to for advice or guidance whenever I need it. When I competed in the first women's ladder match in WWE, it was Adam who I called to ask for help. I knew no one else had experience like Adam with that kind of a match, and he gave me so much advice," she wrote. "Adam even drew pictures explaining how I could set the ladder up to win. Like a true friend, he wanted me to be my very best. Last year, before I faced Becky Lynch for the Raw Women's Championship at Summerslam in Toronto, I saw Adam about an hour before one of the biggest matches of my career.

"I asked him for help," she continued. "He stopped everything he was doing and found a corner of the arena to give me the very best advice he could give."

Elsewhere on Raw the card for WrestleMania 36 started to take shape. Charlotte Flair, this year's Women's Royal Rumble winner, cut a promo at the top of the third hour pointing out how she had already beaten Lynch and Bayley in the past and had held both of their championships numerous times. She was then interrupted by NXT Women's Champion Rhea Ripley, who pointed out that she's already beaten Flair before and threw down a challenge for a match at WrestleMania.


Flair didn't answer, but is billed to give her response on NXT this week.