WWE NXT And Pat McAfee Confirm Match With Adam Cole For Takeover

The rivalry between Pat McAfee, the outspoken personality and host of his own weekday sports talk show, and Adam Cole will apparently be coming to a head at the next NXT Takeover, as the former football player for the Colts has commented on whether or not he will be entering the ring against Cole. With McAfee having knocked out Cole during a previous confrontation, the feud between the two has only continued to heat up since that time.

Pat McAfee shared his thoughts on being the "victim" of the assault that was delivered to him by NXT's Adam Cole, stating that he doesn't believe that he can prep to fight a "wrestler who has been wrestling for twelve years" in the span of only two weeks before the arrival of the next NXT Takeover, but will be ready all the same:

Triple H had commented earlier today during an interview with ESPN regarding the upcoming NXT Takeover, taunting Pat McAfee to "put his money where his mouth is" and step into the ring to fight the NXT wrestler who held the championship belt for over four hundred days:

"We have a big Takeover pay-per-view in a few weeks, August 22, NXT 'Takeover: XXX.' My call out to Pat McAfee is to put your money where your mouth is. Let's see how bad you are. Pat McAfee versus Adam Cole on that stage [is a massive match. Let's see what you've got, Pat. You think you're a tough guy? There's going to be no pads, there's going to be nobody kicking a ball, there's just going to be two guys one-on-one, going at it."

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