WWE Reportedly Released NXT's Rachael Ellering

It turns out there is another name that needs to be added to WWE's coronavirus related cuts, and it's NXT's Rachael Ellering, known as Rachael Evers within the company. According to the Wrestling Observer, Ellering was released as part of the initial cuts back in April, but also of note is the reported reason why. According to the report, Ellering spoke to WWE officials about issues she had with the medical team and with medical procedures a few months before related to a torn ACL she suffered in July of 2019 after she signed with WWE in January of 2019.

Ellering signed with WWE after appearances in the first two Mae Young Classics but was sidelined after the ACL. The report states that the complaints against the medical team were not received well by WWE brass and that she was given two options as a result.

No word on what either of those options were, but both were said to end with her release. She chose one and the release followed soon after.

Ellering's last tweet was on May 13th and seems to reference her departure from the company, with a video of her highlights while in NXT and a message that promises a comeback.

The video has a caption that reads "We know who we are, who we’ll always be and we have a choice: we can hide in the shadows or stand in the light".


The video has a google search of her name but nothing pops up, and the video then shows a number of moments in the ring to remind people just what she can do. It ends with the message "Rachael Ellering Don't Call It A Comeback", so we imagine we'll see her in the ring somewhere else very soon.

H/T Wrestling Inc