Renee Young Provides an Update on Her COVID-19 Case

WWE announcer and former WWE Backstage host Renee Young announced back on June 25 that she had tested positive for COVID-19, making her the first of four WWE employees to state publicly that they were dealing with the virus. Since then Young has posted the occasional Instagram photo and announced she's publishing her first cookbook, but hasn't been anywhere near WWE television. However, her latest tweet is giving fans hope as she referred to her bout with the virus in the past tense.

A report came out earlier this week that WWE has conducted roughly 1,500 coronavirus tests since the end of June to wrestlers and staff entering the WWE Performance Center for television tapings. According to Pro Wrestling Sheet's Ryan Satin, there are at least 30 positive cases.

Young's positive test wound up having effects outside of WWE, as Jon Moxley (who has consistently tested negative for the virus) had his planned AEW World Championship match with Brian Cage pushed out a week as a precaution.

Back in November Young described in an interview what it's like being married to the man formerly known as Dean Ambrose.

"As soon as we're both home and have a glass of wine, he has his Jack & Diet Coke and we just talk about wrestling," Young said. "I talk about what my day is like, what his day is like. It's an interesting time for all of wrestling. So I'm sure people would like to be flies on the wall of our room. There are some interesting conversations that have happened, that's for sure.

"When you're married to Jon Moxley, that man likes to talk about wrestling. Sometimes I need to cleanse my pallet like, 'Can we just put on This Is Us and not talk about wrestling for a minute? That would be great.' He's a big This Is Us fan. He is a layered man, he has many layers. There's much behind those crazy eyes."


We will continue to provide updates on Young as they become available.

Elsewhere in the WWE, Lana broke the news on Wednesday that her mom tested positive for COVID-19 and was taken to the ICU.

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