WWE's Renee Young Teases Major Announcement This Wednesday

Renee Young broke the news last week that she had tested positive for COVID-19, making her the [...]

Renee Young broke the news last week that she had tested positive for COVID-19, making her the first WWE employee to confirm she had the virus amid the latest breakout (which reportedly could have as many as two dozen positive cases). However when she popped up on Twitter on Sunday she seemed to be in better spirits, teasing a major announcement for this coming Wednesday. Young wrote, "Hey y'all!! I'm so so happy, I have a big fat announcement for everyone on Wednesday!"

She then responded to a fan who speculated what the answer might be, and revealed that it wasn't a COVID update, a pregnancy announcement or a decision to move back to her native country of Canada.

Young's coronavirus announcement came mere days after Fox Sports 1 decided that WWE Backstage would no longer be produced as a weekly show. While both she and Booker T said the show has been canceled, the company's statement made no mention of the show being gone forever.

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During a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer gave an update on Young's situation as well as Jon Moxley's health status. Though the AEW World Champion missed last week's episode of AEW Dynamite as a precaution, he has not tested positive for COVID-19 as of now.

"I'm going to put a real-life face on this story. Jon Moxley and Renee Young, they've been together the whole time. She's sick. So he is basically in this situation — he is not feeling sick," he explained. "He's been around someone with COVID constantly, he was suggested to go to a hotel by somebody and the reality is that he does not want to go to the hotel because he feels that there's a pretty decent chance that he has it but hasn't tested positive for it yet. Because it takes several days before you have the test, and she had it first. She had a negative test after she was exposed, but then she got sick after this and had a positive test."

"He doesn't want to go to a hotel because what if he has it? He might spread it. He doesn't want to leave his wife's side," he added. "She's sick, what if she gets sicker? So they're doing the thing of [living in] different parts of the house. But obviously they're going to be in the same house still. It's a no-win situation, there's no good answer. As far as Fyter Fest, it's not the first thing on his mind. There's no answer to Fyter Fest."