WWE Roman Reigns Universal Championship Rumored Plans

(Photo: WWE)

It's been leaked for some time now, and finally confirmed this past Monday, that United States Champion Roman Reigns would be next in line to challenge Kevin Owens for his Universal Championship.

As of now, Roman's US Title will not be up for grabs, but there are rumors flying that Roman could head out of Pittsburgh as the new WWE Universal Champion. Reasoning? WWE is looking to make Roman able to proclaim he's a "double champ" similar to how UFC's Conor McGregor was billed until he was stripped of his Featherweight Championship.

Having Roman as a double champ puts him in an interesting spot as he's one of the more polarizing superstars on the roster, and with his troubled year with getting over and popped for a Wellness Policy violation, the Pittsburgh crowd will surely have words should he walk out as a double champion.

Now, of course, this is just simply a rumor, but the top brass at WWE is still very high on Roman despite his setbacks, so this is still very much a possibility.

We'll find out as WWE present Roadblock: End of the Line only on the WWE Network, December 18th.


(H/T: Caged Side Seats)