Shane McMahon Challenges The Undertaker to a Hell in a Cell Rematch

As WWE fans speculate over whether or not The Undertaker will declare himself retired in the [...]

As WWE fans speculate over whether or not The Undertaker will declare himself retired in the series finale of The Last Ride, it looks like at least one wrestler is trying to get another match out of "The Deadman." During an appearance on Chapter 4's Post Mortem show, Shane McMahon tried to challenge Taker to a rematch from WrestleMania 32 inside Hell in a Cell.

"I don't think [he's done]," McMahon said. "I know I got one. I'm ready. I'll challenge him out. I know I got one more, one big one, and I want a rematch. Hell In A Cell 2."

It looks like "Shane-O" forgot what happened during their first Cell match, which infamously included McMahon diving off the cell to try and put Taker through a table, only for the legend to roll out of the way.

The penultimate episode of Last Ride ended with Undertaker telling Vince McMahon that he was retired after taking part in a tag match involving Roman Reigns, Shane and Drew McIntyre. But, as we all now know, he came back from this alleged retirement for the Boneyard Match with AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36.

In the months following that match, McIntyre has turned babyface, developed a more charismatic personality and risen to the top of the Raw roster as the WWE Champion. Undertaker talked about how impressed he was with McIntyre during a recent interview.

"I'm really proud of Drew. He earned it," he told TV Insider. "He came in with a lot of fanfare, and it didn't quite work out for him. He has been one of the guys from day one who has come to me and picked my mind on different things and asked me my opinion on a lot of things. He is actually someone who has listened and tried to apply some of the stuff that I've given him.

"So I'm really happy for Drew," he added. "Sometimes it takes a while to figure things out. For a lot of guys, you have to taste a little bit of failure and regroup and find out how important all this is to you. He did that. He left and worked and came back. His confidence is so much better now than it was. He always had the tools. A lot of times it takes a little longer to put the whole package together. I think he is really starting to do that now."