WWE Smackdown Season Two To Kick Off With Renee Young's Return

WWE Smackdown is set to launch its second season on Fox, continuing the relationship between World Wrestling Entertainment's weekly spectacle and the popular television channel and it seems as if the WWE is bringing back a special guest to kick off the festivities with Renee Young, alongside the legendary professional wrestler that is Booker T. Originally wrestling with the organization under the name of Renee Sterling, she transitioned from talent within the ring to a commentator that has been with Vince McMahon and the company for years before originally announcing that she was departing earlier this year.

Renee Young had actually left the organization following Summer Slam earlier this year in August, following the cancellation of WWE Backstage, which feature both the aforementioned host, along with Booker T. The second season pre-show to Smackdown will re-unite WWE Backstage hosts, and involve Renee and Booker chatting with both super stars and other guests that will be rotating to create new shows each week on the Network. Backstage itself wasn't canceled due to lack of interest, but was rather halted as a result of the coronavirus pandemic back in March of this year. With the upcoming "Friday Night Smackdown Kickoff Show", World Wrestling Entertainment will once again be making use of its "Thunderdome" setting as fans watch in the "audience" from their computers remotely.

WWE Renee Young Smackdown Season Two
(Photo: WWE)

Smackdown has been a long running part of the WWE, with over twenty seasons of the long running program jumping to a number of different networks such as UPN, The CW, SyFy, USA Network, and of course Fox. Tallying over one thousand episodes so far, debuting originally in 1999 and showing no signs of stopping any time soon. With the Smackdown and Raw Drafts approaching fast, the world of WWE is sure to change following this big event and we imagine that there will be a lot of changes when it comes to the rosters of both.

WWE's weekly shows have been struggling in the ratings lately, with the pay-per-view events still doing the "heavy lifting" when it comes to the talk of the town in the world of professional wrestling, but Renee Young and Booker T's return, along with the upcoming draft certainly won't hurt!

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