WWE SmackDown's Natalya Ambushes Nikkita Lyons on NXT, Spring Breakin' Match Announced

Nikkita Lyons kicked tonight's episode of NXT off with a match against rival Lash Legend, and the two clearly have no love for each other. They've been feuding ever since Lyons made her NXT 2.0 debut, and tonight Legend was out to prove she was the number 1 star in NXT. Legend had control at several moments throughout the match, grounding the explosive star with holds aimed at wearing her down, but it wasn't enough, and after some big offense from Lyons she was able to get the 1,2,3 and the win. Legend wasn't happy though, and soon she got some help in the ring from WWE SmackDown Superstar Natalya, but the chaos wasn't over yet.

Natalya joined Legend and they teamed up on Lyons, kicking and stomping her in the corner. Things didn't look good but soon Lyons got some reinforcements of her own when Cora Jade jumped into the ring with her skateboard, using it to attack Legend and eventually knock her out of the ring. Jade taunted Legend only to turn around and come face to face with Natalya.

Those who have been following NXT lately know that Jade was a huge fan of Natalya growing up, and she credits her as an inspiration to her eventually becoming a wrestler. That's why it cut deep when Natalya came to NXT and lulled her in with compliments only to turn on her, insult her, and attack her in the ring. Since then Jade has bounced back and is not shying away from a fight, including their face-off tonight.

Jade swung the skateboard but Natalya dodged it, though she didn't get to capitalize, as Lyons was up on her feet and attacked Natalya, sending her out of the ring as well. That's when teams started to form, with Jade and Lyons in the ring while Legend was outside with Natalya, and now they have a match set for NXT Spring Break-in, which hits next Tuesday. We'll have to see how this plays out, but could we be looking at two new tag teams for a while? Possibly, and we'll have a better idea when Spring Breakin' rolls around.

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