Watch: First Look at Steve Austin's A&E Biography Special

As part of Austin 3:16 Day, WWE and A&E released a first look at the upcoming two-hour special of [...]

As part of Austin 3:16 Day, WWE and A&E released a first look at the upcoming two-hour special of Biography centered around "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. The episode is the first in a series of documentaries centered around WWE legends, and is scheduled to premiere on April 18. The eight-minute clip kicks off with Austin being asked what is the difference between his wrestling persona and his personality in real life, followed by interviews with Triple H, Jim Ross, Paul Heyman. Austin then goes into detail about how he constructed the character before advertisements for the other documentaries are listed.

The video's release was accompanied by a press release, which read, "Premiering Sunday, April 18 at 8pm ET/PT on A&E, the two-hour biography provides an intimate look at the stories behind the Legend and is part of a 10-week programming partnership between A&E and WWE. Full info below and interviews about the partnership are available upon request pending availability.

"Directed by Jake Rogal and Executive Produced by Jason Hehir ('The Last Dance,' "Andre The Giant"), this film traces the story of the man who became WWE's biggest star in the 90s. 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin's authentic, fiery personality epitomized WWE's "Attitude Era" and transformed him into a pop culture icon. After nearly being paralyzed by a neck injury, Austin made one of the greatest comebacks in WWE history. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2009. 'Biography: 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin' premieres on Sunday, April 18 at 8pm ET/PT on A&E. #WWEonAE" the release continued.

The announcement then went into detail about WWE and A&E's partnership — "With unprecedented access to WWE's archive, the ten-week programming block features eight original two-hour documentaries under the award-winning 'Biography' banner showcasing the stories behind some of the most memorable WWE Superstars of all time including 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin®, 'Macho Man' Randy Savage®, 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper™, Booker T®, Shawn Michaels®, Bret Hart, Mick Foley and Ultimate Warrior. The new 'Biography' specials are helmed by some of the industry's top directors and storytellers to chronicle the success of these WWE Legends and their lasting mark on both sports entertainment and popular culture. Each special will air weekly at 8pm ET/PT beginning Sunday, April 18. #WWEonAE"