WWE Survivor Series: Main Event Sees Roman Reigns Defeat Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre pulled off an upset, taking back the World Championship Belt from Randy Orton in an earlier event, setting him on a path to battle against the "Tribal Chief" Universal Champion of Roman Reigns, and it seems like this big win wasn't enough to ultimately net him a victory against Reigns as he passed out and thus lost the match. With Roman Reigns putting McIntyre in the "Guillotine", Drew wasn't even able to tap out as the submission move was more than enough to steal his consciousness of the current World Heavyweight Champion!

Roman Reigns has been dealing with some "family squabbles" in the past few months during his latest matches as one of the biggest wrestlers within World Wrestling Entertainment, taking on the "hypeman" of Paul Heyman, who once followed Brock Lesnar to the ring during each match that the former Universal Champion had. As Reigns has dismantled his cousin in a series of matches, with the latest taking place at Hell In A Cell last month, McIntyre lost the World Championship Belt against Randy Orton at the same event. Pulling out an upset however, Drew was able to win back the belt after the numerous clashes that the two legends had in the past few months.

This year's Survivor Series has featured some definite insane moments as the Goobledy Gooker acquired, and subsequently lost, the 24/7 Championship, and Raw and Smackdown clashed across a number of different matches. Even this match had its fair share of insanity as both Reigns and McIntyre unleashed their signature moves against one another, but neither was able to come out the victor earlier on in the match. With Jey Uso attempting to intervene in the match, he ultimately didn't have a big effect on the bout overall, and Reigns surprised the world by giving Uso a family embrace and proving that the feud between the cousins might have finally been put to bed.

Though Reigns didn't win the World Championship Belt, it's clear that his relationship has now been solidified with his cousin, potentially having big implications for the future of World Wrestling Entertainment!


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