Report: WWE Planning on Turning The Revival Into a Comedy Tag Team

Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder of The Revival made it through 2019 without signing new WWE contracts. The pair's current deals are set to expire this summer, and now new reports have emerged about how WWE plans on using them until them. According to both Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer and Paul Davis of, the current plan is to turn the two in a comedy tag team, which started with Dash Wilder tripping on the entrance ramp during a recent episode of SmackDown. The pair recently tried and failed to win back the SmackDown Tag Team Championships from The New Day and attempted to draw Booker T and Stevie Ray out of retirement for Harlem Heat reunion.

"The booking plan on SmackDown is to turn The Revival into comedy characters," Meltzer wrote in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter. "There are mixed feelings on this for obvious reasons and it still may get shot down, but the deal where Wilder tripped and fell during the ring entrance was supposed to be the start of it. The Revival only has a few months left on their contracts and haven't agreed to a new deal after attempting to get a release months ago. The proposed idea is to do a spoof of the Fabulous Ones, which, funny enough, is actually the original Fargos heel gimmick in the late 50s."

"Vince expected them to sign new contracts by now and they haven't so this is what he wants to do with them." Davis wrote while quoting an unnamed source. "He wants to lock people in months before their contracts expire and if they don't want to play ball then he's going to push them as comedy guys."

Even if this is the plan going forward, Booker T seems to be hyping up the possibility of a Harlem Heat vs. Revival match on his podcast.


"A fight is one thing, a match is something totally different. I think these guys look at me and my brother like we're two jabronies that ain't ready to fight," Booker said during a recent episode. "These guys talking about a match. Me and my brother ain't off to wrestling nobody right now. But if they talking about a fight? I'm down. I ain't got time to putting on my trunks and boots and trying to dress up like one of these guys on the roster. I'm a businessman. These guys (are) trying to make a name for themselves, and they trying to do that at the expense of Booker T and Stevie Ray. I ain't no chump and I ain't backing out of no fight anytime soon.

"Dawson, Wilder. You want us? You might want to rethink that because you could be about to ruin your careers. I would question myself if I was you two, as far as wanting to wake up a sleeping giant," he continued. "Think about it."