The Rock Reveals The One Dream WWE Match He Never Got to Have

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson took to Instagram on Saturday to post a new workout from his Iron Paradise home gym. He decided to quote Randy Savage thanks to the funky-looking shades he was wearing, then admitted that a match with the "Macho Man" was the one big dream bout he never got the chance to have. Savage was already over in WCW by the time Johnson arrived in the WWF in 1996 and Savage chose to never step back in a WWE ring even after WCW folded (instead opting for a few appearances in TNA). Savage tragically passed away in 2011 after suffering a heart attack while driving in Florida. 

"Feelin' Macho in my "Ohhhh Yeah" shades 👓," Johnson wrote. "(Savage was always my dream match as it would've been an honor to share the squared circle with him 🕊️)"

The Rock vs. Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39

Johnson vs. Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39 continues to be the big rumor regarding WWE's two-night event next April in Los Angeles. Paul Levesque, who now runs WWE booking, talked about the match during an interview with Ariel Helwani in September.

"When you are maybe the most recognizable man on the planet, the most famous actor in Hollywood, Probably the most in-demand social media influencer out there, you're busy," Levesque said. "And that busyness is fluid. In a moment's time, this seems like, 'Man, I gotta do this!' And then something else comes along 30 seconds later because of the nature of what you do. And it's, 'I thought I had to do that, but I got to do this.' It can change. A few years ago, he and I were going to work at WrestleMania. And we even shot the video for it, and we're ready to roll. And then in the course of the year that it that it was going to happen, it changed. The opportunity changed."

"I do know this, because I've had this conversation with him. At no time when Rock is making a movie in Hollywood, does he stand in a position, pull off his elbow pads, and goosebumps fill his entire body because of the electricity that 100,000 people or whatever it is are giving him in that moment, and he passionately feels that like no one else. There is nothing else on the planet that gives you that rush that WWE gives you when you're standing in the center of that ring. And I know he knows that. So I know somewhere deep inside of him is that burning thing to go, 'Oh, I gotta feel that one more time. I've got to get in there one more time.'" he continued. "Because that clock is ticking on, 'Can he?' Because he looks like a million bucks but believe me, you look as good as you are, you hit that canvas, stuff starts falling off that isn't supposed to fall off you, you know? It's a tough business, the clock is ticking. So if there is a time, it is becoming now. And I know that there's a burning desire for him to take advantage of that time. It's just a matter of, 'Can he harness all the other things to focus on that long enough for us to get it done?' It's up to him. The platform is certainly there. WrestleMania. L.A. Two nights, we've already got 90,000-plus I believe, sold... the Tribal Chief is is sitting there waiting for him, or anybody else that he wants to, right? It's magic. Magic, magic, magic of the highest levels in in the in the city that he has become in some manner king of, right? And to have that experience one more time, I know that's got to be burning a hole in him. I know that's got to be a desire. It's just, what else what other things does he need to put aside, and can he to make this all work? Because he's juggling a lot. So hopefully the answer is yes, I would love to see nothing more. But we'll see. So to quote you again, 'I'm saying there's a chance.'"