Vince McMahon Questions If The WWE Will Have Live Events In The Future

Vince McMahon took a big role in the recent Fiscal Year Conference call for the first quarter of 2020, answering a number of questions about the current state of World Wrestling Entertainment in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and questioned about the future of the company and whether or not the WWE would be having live events at all in the future! With many quarantined and taking measures to "flatten the curve" for COVID-19, the WWE has had events and matches in empty auditoriums and many were wondering what the future holds for the organization.

McMahon has taken some heat for his decision to have events at all, with the likes of Wrestlemania being spread out over two nights and a number of different wrestlers being unable to perform due to quarantine, and on the conference call which took place today, it was clear that the future was still uncertain for the company and how they operated. Vince gave his thoughts regarding how he wasn't sure when or if live events for the WWE would happen at all, noting that he "had no idea" when the company would return to a sense of "normalcy" that previous events had seen prior to the pandemic itself.

With the recent Wrestlemania, we saw a number of events having to be canceled that were originally a part of it. Through this adversity however, the organization did create some timeless matches that were pre-recorded with the likes of the Boneyard Match and the Firefly Funhouse Match with Undertaker and AJ Styles battling it out in a graveyard for example. The Funhouse Match featured John Cena and Bray Wyatt not only diving into each of their individual pasts within wrestling, but also the past of the WWE in general and the WCW as well!

With the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing, no one is privy to when exactly live events will come back to what they once were as social distancing has been implemented by those attempting to not contract coronavirus. The WWE is continuing to air their weekly shows and already has plans revealed for the upcoming Money In The Bank Event, so we'll have to watch along with everyone else as to when live events return to "normal".


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