Xavier Woods Calls Out Jeopardy's Alex Trebek For Comments On Nerdcore

Longtime Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek couldn't have possibly known that one comment about the musical genre nerdcore would elicit such a response from the community. That's exactly what has happened, however, and support is coming from all sorts of places, including the WWE.

WWE superstar Xavier Woods (real name Austin Creed) is one-third of The New Day, the extremely popular group that also consists of Big E and Kofi Kingston. Woods heard the comment that Trebek made when contestant Susan Cole brought up nerdcore and what it was about, and he had some words of his own to add in a new Twitter post (via CageSideSeats).

"Hmm Alex Trebek @Jeopardy said nerd rap is for losers?!? I feel the need to speak on this 😁 Also, Susan Cole😍😍keep winning girl! @AtticStein"

"Mr. Trebek, Alex Trebek, you're one of the greatest game show hosts of all time, been running Jeopardy for years and you've been killing it! We love you for it. But the other day you said those who listen to nerd rap are losers. Losers? Sir, I listen to nerd rap and I am currently one-third of the WWE world tag team champions. Far from loser. FAR from loser! We are not losers, sir, we are a community and culture of people who love what we do and are unashamed of it. So we love you, man, you're the best but just fix that one thing and you'll be cool with us again. It's all good. Go Trebek, but fix that. Nerd rap is the best."

What's great about this whole ordeal is that Cole won 2 shows in a row, totaling $39,000 so far in winnings. Trebek can say what he wants, but the best way to get back at him is making him eat his words by handing you a nice big check.