Attack On Titan Goes Viral Over a Questionable Colossal Titan Carving

11/24/2020 11:50 am EST

The Colossal Titan is easily one of the most recognizable antagonists in Attack On Titan, and Bertholdt's alter ego has once again gone viral, thanks in part to a controversial carving that uses a very strange "canvass" to give the villain a brand new appearance! Though Bertholdt has since lost the power of the Colossal Titan at the tail end of the third season, along with his life, expect the new inheritor of this power, Armin, to play a huge role in the fourth and final season of the anime that will be debuting to audiences later this year!

One of the greatest strengths of Attack On Titan has been its ability to reveal secrets in completely unexpected ways, as the big reveal regarding Bertholdt and Reiner, as the Colossal Titan and Armored Titan respectively, was one of the biggest shocks of the franchise. As two soldiers for the nation of Marley, the two former members of the Survey Corps revealed themselves in a bid to get Eren Jaeger to join their cause, but unfortunately, were only met with swords baring down on them by their one time companions. Though Bertholdt was killed at the end of season three, Reiner has taken a very different journey and has now become a part of a new Survey Corps as Attack On Titan reaches its conclusion.

A Reddit User shared this insae sculpture that used a banana of all things to help give us a new take on the Colossal Titan, going viral immediately based on the detail that was used in order to bring Bertholdt to life in a brand new way prior to the arrival of Attack On Titan's fourth and final season of its anime:

The Colossal Titan was long thought to be the largest Titan that was stampeding across the world that has seen the war between Marley and Eldia only get hotter throughout the years, but the power of the Founding Titan is definitely something to keep an eye on as it makes its wielder much larger and ultimately, far more powerful. As the series preps for the final curtain call, it will be interesting to see what role Armin and his power as the new Colossal Titan has in the last battle!

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