Animal Crossing Gets Dark with Fullmetal Alchemist Twist

Fullmetal Alchemist was a dark anime franchise, focusing on the brothers of Edward and Alphonse Elric as they searched for a way to return to normal following an alchemy spell gone awry, and one fan has created a heart wrenching recreation of one of the anime's darkest moments via the Nintendo Switch exclusive, Animal Crossing: New Horizons! With the video game allowing fans to create entire worlds modeled after a number of different anime franchises such as Pokemon, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Yu-Gi-Oh! and almost too many others to count, it was only a matter of time before Fullmetal Alchemist was brought into the mix!

There are certainly some dark moments that vied for the top spot within the franchise of Fullmetal Alchemist with the likes of the Elric brothers' origin and the death of Hughes, but perhaps none could compete with the disturbing fate of Nina Tucker and her happy dog, Alexander. When they met with the brothers Elric, a connection was instantly made as they all became the best of friends. Unfortunately, Nina's father, who was an alchemist who was also out of his mind, fused the body of his daughter with her dog, letting Ed and Alphonse come across the horrifying creation. Though Nina and Alexander's terrible fate came to an end when they encountered Scar, it still left a permanent mark on the minds of many anime fans.

Twitter User ItAnimeIRL shared this disturbing fusion that sees the classic Animal Crossing musician, KK Slider, merging with the Fullmetal Alchemist characters of Nina and Alexander, creating what has to be one of the most disturbing pieces of anime fan art we've seen in some time:

Fullmetal Alchemist had an original anime series that gave way to a new interpretation of the franchise that stuck more closely to the events of the manga, changing a number of story arcs and characters along the way. Unfortunately for all of us, the terrible story of Nina and her dog Alexander was shown in both anime series, giving us a double helping of one of the most horrific events in anime history!

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