Godzilla vs. Kong Competitor, Ape vs. Monster, Unleashes First Trailer

The Asylum is well known for creating blockbuster films that take a page from other big movies that have hit theaters, and it seems as if the film producers are doing it once again in their upcoming film of Ape vs. Monster, which is clearly a "homage" to the events that took place in Godzilla vs. Kong. The film, which pits a giant primate against a scorpion after they both are introduced to radioactive material, sees the rampaging titans taking their battle to Washington DC which sees the Washington Memorial falling as a consequence of their brawl.

Shockingly enough, the "Monster" seems quite reminiscent of the design of Godzilla that was used for the North American film that was released in 1998, which kaiju fans have nicknamed "Zilla". While the latest movies in Legendary Pictures' MonsterVerse made the lizard king look far more like the original Toho Studios' version, 'Zilla returned in the crossover movie known as Godzilla: Final Wars where it was pitted against the original version of the king of the monsters but wasn't able to take the crown from its benefactor. While we highly doubt either Godzilla or Kong will make an appearance in this Asylum film, it's clear where both Ape and Monster's origins lie.

Kaiju News Outlet shared the first trailer for The Asylum's Ape vs. Monster which gives us our first look at "Abraham" and his lizard opponent whose battle is cutting a swath through both the desert and the capital of the United States in the process of battling for supremacy:

The Asylum has run into legal trouble in the past when its come to their movies, specifically New Line Cinema who brought legal action to the producers for their film of "The Age of Hobbits", which had more than a few similarities to the Lord of the Rings series. While there has been no word of Legendary Pictures' taking umbrage with the new giant monster film, this is definitely a case where Ape vs. Monster is looking to capitalize on the success of the MonsterVerse.


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