Attack On Titan Cosplay Unleashes Annie The Female Titan

Attack On Titan has prided itself on delivering a series of big surprises to fans, but one of the earliest had to be the reveal of the identity of the Female Titan and what that meant for the world of the Survey Corps, with one fan managing to capture the detail and terror of the larger than life threat via some amazing cosplay! Annie's initial betrayal was one that rattled Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and their other friends in the Survey Corps to their very bones but in the final installments of the series, things have definitely changed astronomically!

Annie first arrived on the scene as a stalwart and emotionless member of the Survey Corps who hid a dark secret: she just so happened to be a part of the nation of Marley and a Titan herself. Aside from this monumental betrayal, it also showed that the Titans had human forms that were driving them. Following her defeat at the hands of Eren Jaeger as the Attack Titan and a unified front by the Survey Corps, Annie was forced to turn tail and seek sanctuary in the only place that she could by wrapping herself inside of a crystal that cut her off from the outside world!

Instagram Cosplayer Kappy Cosplay shared this insanely impressive take on Annie's Ultimate Form that is now a major benefit for the Survey Corps as the dark anime franchise heads ever closer to its end:

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- I have failed in becoming a warrior. - 27/31 Here we goooo, this is the biggest bodypainting I ever done, I spent the night on it (I wanna sleep help), 15hours to become the Female Titan kdhdjdje, but definitely worth it, I'm so glaaad I did it! I'll post some other photos later, to be honest I didn't have time to edit my favorite ones ahah. Hope you like my interpretation of this character, and hope you're ready for the last season of SNK, I read the manga and I can't wait to see the very end even if it'll break my heart ;-; Products : Elmer's glue - @rcmamakeup : No color powder - @kryolanfrance : supracolor clown white - @nyxcosmetics_france : Can't stop won't stop foundation - @diamondfx_official : Red, white and black aqua color - @hudabeauty : Ruby obsession palette - @beautybaycom : Nude matte palette - @zoevacosmetics : black and graphic lash mascara - @jeffreestarcosmetics : Unicorn blood liquid lipstick . #Anniecosplay #annieleonhardt #annieleonhardtcosplay #attackontitan #shingekinokyojin #shingekinokyojincosplay #attackontitancosplay #femaletitan #femaletitancosplay #進撃の巨人 #進撃の巨人コスプレ #bodypainting #artisticmakeup #Halloweenmakeup

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