Attack On Titan Fan Creates Creepiest Cosplay With Cart Titan

Attack On Titan has introduced fans to plenty of creepy creatures over the course of its series, with the Behemoths that have a taste for human flesh often smiling as they run down their victims. With the Cart Titan being one of the thirteen Titans that can be controlled by their human hosts, Pieck has left quite the impression on fans since first being introduced in season three and one fan has captured her creepy form in some stunning cosplay.   

While on its own, the Cart Titan might not be seen as a giant threat in the same league as some of her colleagues, Marley loads up Pieck to bare with some serious artillery that shows how the behemoth can work well in the heat of battle. During the premiere episode of the second half of Attack On Titan's fourth season, Pieck helped in saving Gabi's life during the titanic battle between the Attack Titan and Jaw Titan, delivering a needed blow later on in the episode where Eren was combating both the Jaw and Armored Titans. Needless to say, expect Pieck to continue to play a big role in the final episodes of the popular series.

Instagram Cosplayer Yaiza Perez shared this amazing, albeit disturbing take, on the Cart Titan, that first made her appearance during the events of the final battle of the third season, with the Cosplayer also taking the opportunity to share a number of other creations from the world of Attack On Titan

Reportedly, this second half of Attack On Titan's final season will have around twelve episodes, leaving many to wonder if Studio MAPPA will be able to bring the story to a close or if the animation house might be currently planning to wrap the dark franchise up with a movie. Considering how big recent anime movies like Demon Slayer: Mugen Train and Jujutsu Kaisen 0 have become, pulling in massive profits at the box office, we definitely wouldn't be surprised if the finale of the Scout Regiment was released on the silver screen. 

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