Attack On Titan Cosplay Shares Sasha Swiping Food

Attack On Titan is an anime series that is perhaps one of the darkest that is currently running today, but luckily, it still manages to throw in a little humor here and there, with one fan honoring perhaps the funniest character of the Survey Corps in the appropriately dubbed "Potato Girl" in Sasha! Sasha herself has luckily been able to survive some of the biggest battles that the Survey Corps and give her friends the opportunity to breathe and laugh at her exploits when it comes to sneaking a steady stream of food that will normally get her in trouble!

Sasha will have a big role to play in the fourth and final season of Attack On Titan, managing to remain extremely lucky in being able to hold onto her life in the face of wave after wave of naked, rampaging behemoths. Though she never inherits the power of a Titan herself like Eren, Armin, and a number of soldiers on the side of the nation of Marley, she has proved to be an adept soldier among the Edian people by utilizing the three dimensional maneuver gear. Without giving away any spoilers, the fourth season of Attack On Titan will be the one to watch for fans of Sasha as the dark franchise finally brings its story to a close.

Instagram Cosplayer Lissa Cosplay shared this hilarious cosplay that shows off Sasha's love in life, swiping food in order to have some tasty morsels following some life or death battles that the Survey Corps has had against the Titans:


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