Attack On Titan Cosplay Unleashes The Horror of the War Hammer

The fourth season of Attack On Titan has changed things up dramatically for the Survey Corps, with Eren Jaeger unleashing an attack on the nation of Marley unlike anything the country has ever seen to date, and during the confrontation, we were introduced to the Tybur Family's secret weapon in the War Hammer Titan. With fans on the edge of their seats to witness the final stories of Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and their fellow Eldians, one fan has created some disturbingly accurate Cosplay for the War Hammer Titan, whose power was absorbed by Jaeger in their initial battle.

Eren's attack on the nation of Marley wasn't simply debilitating to the country that had destroyed so much in the Eldian's life, but also resulted in the Survey Corps losing members of their own in the onslaught. The War Hammer Titan itself has had the unique ability to create hardened structures using its ability, which meant that the member of the Tybur clan was able to operate her Titan outside of its actual form. Encased in a diamond-like prison much like Annie's current abode, the Tybur member wasn't safe from Eren's attack, who used the power of the Titan to horrifically break through her shield and consume her along with the power of the War Hammer.

Instagram Cosplay Kappy_W shared this amazing take on the War Hammer Titan, who only appeared briefly in the fourth season of the anime by Studio MAPPA, only to be eaten by Eren who now has the power of this Titan alongside the Attack and Founding Titans:

Attack On Titan has been making the rounds as the penultimate chapter of its manga has been leaked, with many shocked by the events that take place within the latest installment. With only a handful of episodes left in the fourth season of the anime, fans are left wondering how the television series will come to a close, with some speculating that the series will continue with a "Part 2" and others believing that the series will cap things off via a feature-length film.

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