Attack on Titan Creator Is Auctioning Off the Desk He Made Manga On

Hajime Isayama has been making the rounds following the conclusion of Attack on Titan's manga a few years back, with the anime adaptation looking to do the same later in 2023 thanks to the animators at Studio MAPPA. With Isayama previously stating that he most likely won't be creating a sequel for his dark franchise, and instead hoping to one day own his own sauna, the mangaka is looking to auction off the desk that he used to help him in creating the epic war between the Eldians and the Marleyians.

Isayama himself had this to say when it came to auctioning off the desk he used to create the likes of Eren Jaeger, Armin, Mikasa, Levi, and so many other characters that populated this dark universe:

"The desk I am going to put up for auction this time is the desk that was used in the "Attack on Titan" workplace. This desk was made to order by my father who was a furniture designer so that I could concentrate on my work. It was made by "Nitto Mokko" in Hita, my hometown. On this desk, me and my assistants worked on "Attack on Titan" for about four years. Sometimes I eat my bento, lie down and fall asleep, when I'm excited about nonsense, when I'm nervous before the deadline, when I think about how to develop the story with the people in charge, and all the time I spent on the production. In today's world where digital animation has become the mainstream and manga production by a large number of people is disappearing, a large desk is useless, but it is a desk that has a deep affection for me. I hope it helps someone. I wrote a signature and an illustration for the auction. There are many sad news these days, but in order to make the world a little more peaceful, we will donate the purchase price to "Doctors Without Borders"."

Attack on Isayama

The auction also saw Isayama creating a unique video to help in promoting the sale of his desk, which will take place at the Angoulême International Comics Festival, with the auction itself ending on February 11th of this month: 

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