Attack on Titan Creator Addresses All Those Rumored Spin-Offs

Attack on Titan's anime adaptation is preparing to come to a close, with the manga ending years prior to the upcoming conclusion that left the fan base divided when it came to the battle taking place that saw the Scout Regiment fighting against their former friend, Eren Jaeger. Last year, creator Hajime Isayama visited North America for the first time as a part of the convention known as Anime NYC, and in doing so, answered a major question when it came to potential spin-offs which would bring fans back to the world of the Titans.

An official sequel series to Attack on Titan hasn't been confirmed in any way, shape or form, though the director's cut of the original final chapter certainly left the door open for a future story that would leave behind the Survey Corps but might focus on new players in this game featuring man-eating behemoths. Without going into spoiler territory, should a sequel arise from this story point, it would most likely be far different from what we had seen in the original story of the Survey Corps and would most likely involve a fairly large time skip should Isayama decide to come back to his popular, dark world.

Attack on Spin-Offs

Unfortunately, in a recent interview with Crunchyroll, Isayama shot down the idea of creating a spin-off to Attack on Titan, stating that he currently has "no plans as of now" to return to the world that took the anime world by storm in both its manga and its anime adaptation from both Wit and MAPPA.

Undeterred by this answer, the interviewer was able to confirm however that Hajime might revisit the universe thanks to an untold story involving Captain Levi, with Isayama stating:

"Regarding Levi, I actually have something in my mind, but at the same time, I don't know if I will be able to write that or not."

Levi himself, while unable to transform into a Titan thanks to his lineage in the Ackerman bloodline, has become a fan-favorite thanks in part to his steely demeanor and ability to cut through many large creatures using his three-dimensional maneuver gear. While we might never see this story of Isayama's brought to life, fans should expect quite a few amazing scenes revolving around Levi in the final installments of season four hitting the small screen later this year.

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Via Crunchyroll