Attack On Titan Reveals Armin's Vision of Peace to Fans

The last battle of the Survey Corps might have ended in the latest chapter of Attack On Titan's manga, giving us an idea for just what Armin believes is "a vision of peace" as he attempts to save the world using only his words. With the franchise exploring the idea of freedom and peace time and time again throughout the franchise created by Hajime Isayama, it was clear that these concepts would be visited at least one last time prior to the final conclusion of the Survey Corps in this dark anime tale.

Warning. If you have yet to read the latest chapter of Attack On Titan's manga, Chapter 137, and don't want season four of the anime spoiled for you, you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article.

Following his "absorption" by Ymir during the final fight against Eren Jaeger, Armin finds himself face to face with Zeke Jaeger, the current wielder of the powers of the Beast Titan and brother to Eren Jaeger. With the two meeting on the mental landscape that houses all the Eldians that descended from Ymir, they have a spirited discussion about the meaning of life and exploring just how the Titans came to be when all was said and done. It's definitely a stark reversal from the insane battle that is currently taking place between the Survey Corps and the Nine Titans of the past who were brought back to life by Eren's new powers.

Attack On Titan Vision of Peace
(Photo: Kodansha)

Armin doesn't simply break down the idea that "fighting fear" and saving people from terror is a gateway to peace, he also believes that the best parts in life come from its most mundane. The current wielder of the Colossal Titan breaks down the moments where he felt most at peace, whether it was running up a hill alongside Eren and Mikasa as children or simply attending a fair, actually managing to break through to Zeke.


Thanks to Armin, the deceased Nine Titans that were brought back to life turned on their master and fought alongside the Survey Corps to take down Eren Jaeger, giving Armin and his friends the chance they needed. While we don't know if Armin survived this last chapter as he seemingly was engulfed by the explosion on the final page, he definitely left his mark on the series.

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