Attack on Titan Reveals the Touching Final Words of Two Best Friends

Attack on Titan is moving ahead with its final as planned, but fans are still too busy coping with [...]

Attack on Titan is moving ahead with its final as planned, but fans are still too busy coping with its penultimate chapter. The big update left fans in tears as they watched some of their favorite leads lose their lives out of nowhere. And to make things that much more difficult, the manga gave two best friends the chance to say goodbye in the face of death.

So you have been warned! There are some major spoilers below for Attack on Titan chapter 138 below!

While the start of this new chapter began on a high note, there was no way to know how the update would end. Eren has become the true enemy of humanity as he managed to live through Armin's attack, and he was not ready to end the Rumbling just yet. In order to cause chaos, Eren made the damning decision to turn all the refugee Eldians into pure Titans in a bid for power, and that led to the deaths of Connie and Jean.

The pair were turned into Titans by the chapter's end along with other heroes like Gabi. Just before the pair were turned, Jean and Connie had a heart-to-heart knowing their death was imminent. So as you can imagine, their final words hurt quite a bit.

"So this is how it ends for us," Connie notes before telling Jean their job to save humanity began years ago once they were brought into the Survey Corps.

"You know, this is all your fault, right? That we ended ups tuck with the job of saving humanity."

After this somber talk, Jean and Connie were left to meet their fate. Eren's final stand turned his friends into pure Titans, and it seems there is no turning back the decision. As you can imagine, Attack on Titan fans are hoping the soldiers will be turned back into humans before the finale wraps, but their last conversation at least gives closure to all those in shock over their deaths.

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