Attack on Titan Reveals Series Finale Event Trailer

Attack on Titan has split its final season into three distinct parts when it comes to its anime adaptation, and the final episodes will see Studio MAPPA return next year to put a bow on the Scout Regiment's final battle. To help prepare fans for the end, the franchise is holding a special event this fall that will once again unite some of the biggest creative minds behind the series and potentially reveal new details when it comes to the Survey Corps' final ride.       

When last we left the heroes of the Survey Corps, they were placed between a rock and a hard place as they were coming to the realization that they might need to kill their former friend Eren to stop his genocidal rampage following his acquisition of the powers of the Founding Titan. Acquiring an airship at the cost of killing their old friends who had become Jaegerists, Mikasa, Armin, and the rest of the new Scout Regiment are now on their way to face Eren directly, hoping to talk down Jaeger. Should a fight occur between the two parties, which seems extremely likely, the ragtag band of soldiers is going to need to think extensively as to whether it is even possible to take down Eren in his present state.

The Official Twitter Account for Attack on Titan shared a first look at the Final Season Event that will gather together some major voice actors that have been a part of the anime adaptation since the very beginning, as well as musical performances that will belt out some amazing tunes from the series:

The event will take place on November 13th later this fall, though a release date for the final episodes that will bring Attack on Titan's story to a close has yet to be revealed at this point. When it comes to the manga that the anime is based on, Hajime Isayama hasn't revealed any hints when it comes to a potential sequel, though the director's cut finale does lay some seeds when ti comes to the possibility of returning to this bleak landscape. Should Attack on Titan return, however, we would imagine the series would be radically different. 

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